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At writeOn2it we are committed to exceptional customer service. Use the form below to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours. Overseas clients can also benefit from the difference in time zones - send us a project when you finish work and we can have it waiting for you in the morning. We work while you sleep!

About writeOn2it

Andy Scott  BA (English Literature and American Studies) PG Dip. (Information Design)

Andy is the founder and principal writer of writeOn2it, and if there's anything he loves it is words. Whether he is reading them, writing them, or making pictures and logos with them, words are Andy's thing. "Ever since I can remember," he says, "I've had either a book or a pencil in my hand, and to be honest, there's a fair few words come out of my mouth too."

Andy's skill with words, combined with his experience in customer service means that he provides a better than expected product for his clients. His attention to detail is legendary - he even admits to being a bit fussy - although he is able to translate this potentially annoying habit into a dedication to accuracy and a commitment to quality.

"Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are often overlooked or disregarded in today's fast-paced information society. People want to create and access information quickly and easily," says Andy, "and they often sacrifice quality for speed. At writeOn2it we are firmly committed to the old-fashioned values of quality and accuracy, while also being fully up to date with modern ideas and technology."

With an extensive general knowledge, eclectic interests, and a strong academic background, Andrew can research and write on a wide range of topics and present them to his readers in a clear and easy to understand manner. His versatility enables him to produce all kinds of written material from creative projects to business reports, and from website content to advertising copy.

Have a look at some of his work.

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